Movie Review: Sairat

Director: Nagraj Manjule

Actors: Akshay Thosar, Rinku Rajguru, Tanaji Galgunde, Arbaz Shaikh

Duration: 3 Hours.

Sairat means wild, and that’s exactly what the essence of the film is wild. Sairat is director Nagraj Manjule’s second offering after the critically acclaimed film Fandry which highlighted the ill effects of the caste system followed in Maharashtra. Like Fandry, Sairat too highlights the social issues like caste system and honor killing. Sairat is a tale of two star crossed lovers Parshya (Akshay Thosar) and Archie (Rinku Rajguru). Parshya is a fisherman’s son who is hardworking, shy and down to earth. Archie on the other hand is a politician’s daughter who is confident, bold and works a Bullet just as she works her mouth. Soon cupid strikes and the unlikely pair fall for each other. Things work swiftly but not for a lot of time. Soon trouble strikes as Archie’s family gets heed of their forbidden relationship.

A lot of things work for Sairat, Akshay Thosar as Parshya, Tanaji Galgunde and Arbaz Shaikh as his friends who are ready to face any amount of obstacles for Parshya and most importantly Rinku Rajguru as the headstrong Archie. The transformation of the characters is also well illustrated, Archie who starts of as a spoilt brat soon turns into a confident hard working woman, Parshya who starts of as goody two shoes is shown to have  shades  of grey through the course of the film. Also the transformation in relationship of the main protagonists is beautifully shown, as the film moves forward. Director Nagraj Manjule depicts women empowerment through the character of Archie who rides a Bullet, shoots a bullet, flees from her house and frees her lover from the police station. The depiction of the village and its characters is pretty realistic. The director successfully battles various social evils such as gender inequality, caste Hierarchy and honor killing through the course of the film. Kudos to Nagraj Manjule for taking up such a delicate issue and portraying it with such finesse.

The music of the film is beautifully composed by Ajay-Atul and is aptly suited to the situations in the film. The song ‘Zingat’ is sure to be one of the chartbusters of the year with its beats. The rest of the songs too are match the situations perfectly.

What doesn’t work for the film is the long duration. Some parts of the movie are out of the flow of the storyline and bore the viewer thoroughly.  Some scenes in the movie feel extremely unnecessary. Also at times, the story seems too optimistic to be true. And although the score of the film is great, at times the music acts as a barrier in the flow of the storyline as some of the songs are too long.

Yet Sairat is a worth watch for its excellent performance and most of all for its heart wrenching, teary climax which brings the viewer back to the world of shocking reality. Especially, the last scene of the movie, leaves the viewer with goosebumps.


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