She woke up with a heavy breath,

It seemed like her world was living death.

Was she living her worst nightmare?

Cause it seemed like her body was about to tear.

The past 48 hours were a blurred scene,

The grossest sin in a world of obscene.

To think of it was traumatic, to say the least,

He had crushed her body like a beast.

She was walking towards home from work,

When suddenly she felt a frightening jerk.

The first thing she noticed were his eyes,

Those cruel stares stopped her cries.

He grabbed her like a bag of meat,

Like a prey who the lion was eager to meet.

He stripped her off her garments and modesty,

Surprising her of his audacity.

He entered her and crushed her soul,

Breaking her heart , the very whole.

He raped her once, twice and until she lost count,

On her, like a monster he did mount.

When he was finally satisfied, he slapped her face,

For seducing him with her beauty and grace.

Then she was left there, broken and bare,

With nothing to speak, not that she did dare.

She lay there until she couldn’t feel,

Her aching body or her broken heel.

She woke up in a state of pain,

Like her body was bound in an iron chain.

She was blamed for her short skirt,

Due to which was attracted, the pervert.

For wearing a hijab she was scolded,

As it raised the mystery around her and to the rape it led.

Neither the mini skirt, nor the hijab was to blame,

It was the rotten thinking that caused the shame.










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