The Potter girl.

“I’m sorry you are just too hard to bear with”

“I’m letting go of you”

“You aren’t my type of friend”

“I can’t stay with you any longer”

Sarah was used to these conversations her whole life. It started with her childhood friend mouthing the words”You are too weird for me” and continued with many more giving other reasons.  In the beginning, the loneliness hit her like a tsunami would hit a surfer. It was the first time, she felt alone. She wept, she had tantrums, she begged her friend to take her back but nothing helped. With time the wound got deeper and the pain more bearable. She was used to the looks she got when she sat in the class all alone just reading her books. Her mother did her best, and in the beginning Sarah did try but now as time passed by being friends with someone seemed like lost cause. Sarah immersed herself in books and enjoyed their company. Books didn’t have boyfriend problems, books didn’t care if you were weird or not, they didn’t judge you neither did they make fun of you. All they did was light a fire in your heart, a fire of hope, a fire of belief and fire of goodwill. How good she felt when Harry kissed Ginny! The moment when Ron and Harry patched up their friendship, without a single word uttered, how they made up prediction during Trelawney’s class or how Ron gave his approval for Harry and Ginny to be together through a look. And how great it felt to be included. But as all good things end, the septuplet concluded. And at the moment, when Harry potter and Ronald Weasley bade their kids’ goodbye, Sarah sat in her wooden chair wearing a Gryffindor t-shirt, tears pouring from her eyes with shivering hands. She was happy that the suspense was over, but at the same time she felt a void, a void nothing could fill. “They were good friends, honorable comrades who stayed till the end” thought Sarah and smiled. She didn’t realize the popular girl staring at her back. Even if she knew, Sarah wouldn’t care any less. She had learnt now to ignore the happenings in school or as she referred to it-“the noise.” But instead of insults flowing from the girl’s mouth, she struck a conversation with Sarah about her love for Harry potter, and for the first time someone acted like she existed. As the girl spoke, Sarah smiled inwardly; Harry was indeed a good comrade, he helped her find her own Hermione.


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