This three alphabet word has been a source of controversy in India since ages. What does sex mean? The term refers to the act of sexual intercourse i.e. the union of a male and female which often leads to the creation of new life in the world. It is a perfectly natural process. Then why is it so controversial you ask? Well, in India “sex” is considered to be a “filthy” word and if you ever dare to utter the three letters together you’ll be met with dark looks judging your character; which is really surprising since Porn hub, one of the topmost pornography sites receives the 3rd most amount of traffic from India. Hypocrisy you say! Not to forget India is the 2nd most populated country in the world, so we aren’t exactly “new” to sex. Then why is it, that even today, in the 21st century “sex” is considered to be a taboo topic? In this age, it is extremely critical for an individual to have a knowledge about sex, with rapes increasing in India, and the ban against abortions. However, the Union Minister of India Mr. Harsh Vardhan and the Human resources Development ministry feels otherwise:

Recently, the Indian Union Minister came under the scanner for his statements proclaiming that “sex education” wasn’t an essential and that it should be banned. Not only that, in his document “vision” he stated the need to integrate value education with course content and put strong emphasis on exposing students to India’s cultural relations. May I mention, all of this comes from the same minister who said that “condoms are safe, but fidelity is safest.” And did I tell you? Vardhan is a doctor by profession! But this was not it; the Human resources Development ministry (HRD) added to these medieval comments by banning the use of the word “sex” in “sex education” as they believed it would “offend” the feelings of the people if it was used. “Seriously?!” you ask. See, this how progressed India is.

  • Firstly, wouldn’t sex education be necessary, since the rural areas of India aren’t aware of family planning and hence lead to the population explosion? Hasn’t the “lack of sex education” been (and still is) a crucial element in the rapid and unnecessary population growth?
  • And how is “integrating value education” going to help huh? Asaram Bapu the so called value based person, was convicted of rape by not just one but many women. So were the women at fault here, because come on values are what matters! Oh sorry, should I have not given that example? Was it against my values?
  • I’m sorry if I am being rude (I apologized cause values, you know) but, how and why the heck would someone make such a stupid comment? India, is a country where after a marriage, the couple is under social pressure to conceive.
  • Hello!!! The topic “sex education” itself has the word sex in it? How much more ironic can you be?
  • Besides, banning the word “sex” would encourage condemning the word more and essentially increase the taboo about it.
  • Also, wouldn’t it be contradictory for the word “sex” to be banned, but the physical intercourse i.e “sex” to be encouraged after marriage, as is the case in India?

In conclusion, I feel that such steps, actions or comments not only influence India’s development in terms of thinking, but also affect its “social image” and make it a laughing stock.

To put it in a better way, India is showing the world what not to do.



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  1. Seriously amazing……. It was extraordinary…… Really in india…. The uttering word sex is like we are doing some kind of crime….. But that’s not deal hear boss…. And by reading this…. Dude you seriously killed…… And never to forget hypocrisy is second name of indian government…….. But seriously it was worth reading….. You really rocked it…… So keep writing like this…. And keep smiling 😃😃
    Stay blessed……
    Sanii…. 😃😃


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