The first drink.



Crystalline white flakes surround the two,

Passed out in the pallid overlay

Little can a soul fathom,

Last night, the voyage that they sailed through.


Sneaking out with the stars as their guide,

They creep silently past the cheery sounds

To mount the peak where the roaring winds reside

Setting sail for an adventure of a lifetime.


Panting, sweating, slipping through the snow,

Tiny footprints scale the zenith, towards the whispering willow.

“Do we dare” she smirks as they settle earthwards,

Uncorking the bottle, “why not?” he answers.


On the count of three, they charge

Downing the intoxicating elixir in a gulp at large,

As the darkness turns into the dusky dawn

Words have been spoken without conclusions being drawn.


They say things that couldn’t have been uttered sober,

They feel things that couldn’t have been felt sober,

Ah, that’s the magic of the intoxicating elixir,

Heartbeats race faster, and hearts come closer.


A connection had been created.


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