Dear tai,

Dear tai,
I haven’t talked to you in a while. Where are you? Where have you been these past days? I miss you tons. I’m pretty sure you don’t. If you had, you would have talked to me. You would have atleast made attempts. I don’t get it, I tell you everything tai. My fetishes, my secrets, my academic plans, my crushes, everything. You know everything about me, and you know that you’re the only one who knows. You know you hold importance in my life. Don’t you miss me even a bit? After all that we have been through? Do you not remember our childhood? How protective you were of me, how you were basically my second mother. How heartless are you to just abandon me? And that too, after 14 years of relentlessly being there. Does it have anything to do with mumma, is she the reason for your disappearance? I told you I’m sorry for her Tai! I’m sorry for the way she behaves these days. I don’t know why she does it, she was quite normal. Why she ignores you, why she doesn’t acknowledge your presence, sometimes even your existence! I mean, you are her daughter, just as I am. And I must admit she’s become a horrible mother. I know, I know you don’t like this family now, with their partiality and you have complete reasons to. But you have me. You know I won’t go. You can have complete faith about me. You and me, tai, we are warriors, against our parents. Remember, remember how we silenced them the other day when they said that you had gone away, that you weren’t part of our home, our family anymore? You were sitting right there! I mean, how insensitive could they have been, the amount of ridiculousness that they contain is close to poisonous. And only you understand that. You are my only salvation, but these days even if you have started to distance yourself from me.
I need you tai, I’m so close, so close to giving up. I need your presence to calm me down.
Please come back. Please. We’ll go through everything together. We’ll manage. Come on, please grant your baby sister this.
I love you so so so much.
Please come back. You won’t regret it.
Yours lovingly,

14 year old anika lost her elder sister Anaya age 19, in an accident. Anika and Anaya were in a taxi, during the early hours, when a truck driver, lost control of his truck, and collided with their taxi while breaking through the divider. Anaya, died on spot, while anika suffered grievous injuries which compromised the functioning of her brain, and led to memory loss. She has no memory of the accident, or of the demise of her sister.


Tai is an Indian word for elder sister.


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